There are so many places to choose from to mail order hams online that I thought I would write a small article so you might find it easier and faster to find the perfect ham for your next special occasion.  The main reason why ordering from a company that specializes in ham, is because they usually always exceed your expectations when you bite into that first bite and it is scrumptious.  First you have to decide what kind of ham do you and your family really like?  This article discusses several of those reasons so you can evaluate which kind of ham you might want to order.

Omaha Steaks 1 (7 lb.) Spiral Sliced Ham

Most people think of the honey baked ham when ordering.  They are easy and come with instructions of how to make honey baked ham perfectly.  Usually all you have to do is know how to warm up a honey baked ham, and the instructions that come with your mail order are simple to read and use.  But don’t be fooled by the copycat recipes for honey baked ham.  There is only one way to cook it, and that is slow, and on low heat.  Just don’t overcook it, because then it will be dried out.  While searching online to find the best mail order ham companies, I did come across a great value for you.  Make sure that you go to my links to get honey baked ham coupons before you decide on which ham you want.  Saving money is always an important detail to remember!

There are also lots of other types, like uncooked smoked hams.   They are usually a little saltier than other hams, but are delicious for sandwiches and ham salads for leftovers.  They also add just enough flavors to split-pea soup.  Along with your smoked ham, instructions are included of how to cook a smoked ham.  They’re easy to cook, but do follow the instructions.
Another favorite is to mail order a smoked ham.  These hams are cured for a long time in smoke houses.  Their flavor is sweet and makes a beautiful presentation on your table or for a buffet dinner party.  These hams are lower in calories, about 60 for four slices, and the fat content is only 1.5g.  So making the Virginia smoked ham one of the lower calorie ones and better health-wise for you.

Any way you buy your ham, you can be assured that it will be bursting with meaty flavor.  Lightly smoked hams have a delicate flavor, while the country hams are more robust flavors.  Also, the country hams come with instructions for cooking salt cured country hams.  They are usually larger and a lot more salty.  They come in 13-16 pounds, which would feed a large crowd.
How do you like your ham cooked?  Salty or cured, or sweet honey baked, or just a small canned ham?  No matter which ham you might love, they are all worth it if you can get the freshest, best ham that will make everyone’s mouth water with anticipation of biting into that mail order ham.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading a little about what I have found about mail order ham and all of the different types of hams there are.  All in all, just enjoy your special occasion dinner, especially with all the family at the table.

Choosing A Good Country Ham
A guide to selecting and cooking salt-cured country ham, sometimes called Smithfield Hams.

How to cook a country ham
Earlier this month, my husband purchased us a country ham for Christmas. It is 15.6 pounds,
country ham cooked

I like to cook
We made baked ham and used our new favorite baked ham recipe for the second time.

Mail Order Ham–Choosing a Ham Online
The ham is the traditional centerpiece for Easter, Christmas, holidays, and other special gatherings.  Make sure you order your ham in time for that special occassion.

honey baked ham on table for holiday dinner

One for the Table Gets Ready for the Holidays
Her reproof to my father that mail order food is too expensive rings in my ears and, besides it is not more expensive if you mail order you ham because you are getting a higher quality ham than if you bought it in the store.

Special occassion dinner him presentation

Meat/Ham knife
This is where to find the best offers and deals on the cheapest meat/ham knife from Westfalia mail order.

spiral scliced ham with ham knife